There is a useful scope of telecommunication jobs in the Dubai city for fresh graduates who have done their graduation and are seeking jobs in this field and have marvellous experience about this field. Dubai Telecommunication Company has recently got tremendous progress in Dubai city in this field. This industry provides Voice Communication, Data Graphics and video streams at very increasing speed in number of ways. Wireless communication, Internet services, cable and satellite program distribution is prevailed on large scale and provide such facilities to all over the city on fastest ranges. This industry has a good progress in future.

Find Jobs in Dubai for Telecom

The industry provide jobs of various categories regarding telecommunication which includes Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Occupation, Telecom Equipment Installer, Equipment Operator, Computer Software Engineer, Network system , Data communication Analyst and other clerical jobs. Some particulars jobs include Operational Manager, Network and Computer Systems and Data Communications Analysts, Sales Engineer, Telephone Operators, Customer Services Representatives, Sales Manager, Computer and Hard ware Engineer and some other technicians are included which work in this field according to their respective experiences in their own graduated fields.

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